This is a concept of an app (iOS) that lets you easily create and track daily or weekly habits. The goal was to make onboarding quick and simple for the user. Simply follow six steps and your habits will be created specifically for you. 

The process
First of all I thought of a project to design. What is something I’d always like to use? I came up with the idea of an app being able to create habits. I wanted to design an intuitive onboarding without having the user to think a lot. 

For example, by adding a progress indicator, the user always knows how far he/she is in the process of onboarding and how much to expect. With easy gestures it’s easy to full-fill these steps. 

I tested the prototype with a few people in my area, and they all understood how the onboarding functions. Also, I made use of interactive components made in Figma.


  • Figma
  • Prototyping
  • Interactive Components
  • Mobile Design
  • Onboard Design
  • Design Thinking